Hello, I’m Ryan Kozak and I’m a full stack developer living in Sacramento CA. I’ve been in Northern California for about five years, originally I grew up on the Central Coast (Santa Barbara County). This is my blog, and sometimes I’ll post tutorials, sometimes I post opinionated rants, it’s kind of whatever I want. If you’d like to email me please check out the contact page.

I’m an avid Linux user and I love open source tools. Primarily I develop in Laravel/Lumen and PHP, however I’ll write scripts or desktop applications in Python. I’m an enthusiast for the security aspects of web development in particular, and member of OWASP. Because OWASP’s Sacramento’s chapter is defunct, I try and make it to OWASP Bay Area Events events when I’m able, which sadly isn’t often.

When I’m not on a screen I love riding motocross or getting out into the mountains to backpack/climb/snowboard and remind myself that computers aren’t actually real, real things are real.

Ryan Kozak